Social Media Services Reviews Saint Marys Bay

Social Media Services Reviews Saint Marys Bay

Social Media Services Reviews Saint Marys Bay

Saint Martin island is the only coral Island of Bangladesh. This is the most popular travel destinations among the Bangladeshis as well as the foreigners. And if you want to live in peace for few days leaving every crowd behind, then this should be the bucket list one travel destination for you.

How to Go to Saint Martin island Bangladesh: To go to the island, you need to go to Teknaf Ship terminal first. And then you’ll find the ships those will take you to Saint Martin Island. There are several ships like:

– Keari Sindbad
– Bay Cruise
– Green Line Water Bus etc.

Hotels in Saint Martin Bangladesh: There are 50+ hotels and resorts in Saint Martin Island. Even you can live in the house of locals or set your tents to take camping experience there. There are lots of hotels in Saint Martin Island Bangladesh & I heard the goodwill of the following saint martin island hotels from the tourists & locals.

– Resort Labiba Bilash
– Praasad Paradise
– Samudra Bilash
– Coral View Resort
– Blue Marine Resort
– Hotel Abakash
– Blue Lagoon

Among them, we stayed at Samudra Bilash Resort which is made my Late Humayan Ahmed who is a prominent writer of Bangladesh.

Experiences You Can Take: You can take the following experiences on the island:

– Roaming on the Island
– Tasting Fresh Sea Fishes
– Tasting Green Coconut of Saint Martin
– Beach Cycling
– Visiting Chhera Dip etc.

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