Social Media Services Reviews Saint Marys Bay

Social Media Services Reviews Saint Marys Bay

Social Media Services Reviews Saint Marys Bay

Isabella Geriatric Center Washington Heights NYC | Isabella Center Washington Heights NY | Marketing Review Nursing Home Part 02

This video further details the online presence for this assisted living facility.
You can see the first part of this video where we start to review the basics of the search results online.

This video shows additional information about how the Isabella Nursing Home in Washington Heights can dramatically improve their online marketing. This will attract more new residents to the nursing home and decrease the current acquisition cost for each resident substantially.

There is combination of things that the assisted living center needs to do so that they can improve their online marketing.

The first and perhaps most painful aspect of the nursing home’s online marketing is the clear lack of positive reviews. Assisted living facilities like this often have a very hard time getting great reviews from the family members who are fruited by the system and the level of care that they can afford.

Anyone who read the terrible reviews that are online will not come to this facility. Despite the fact that the bad reviews have been online for such a long period of time reflects that either the organization does not think that anyone reads these when deciding where to put their family members or they simply do not care. No effort has been made to display anything contrary to these bad reviews. There are several and they are very harsh. Even though this is a tough market and it is hard to get good reviews online, this is hard to accept and could absolutely be changed.

These bad reviews are the first that that people are reading. They are embarrassing and clearly are derived from interaction with the business.

Any assisted living center that had 6-10 positive detailed reviews for their facility would clearly lead the market online. Although the nursing home does appear in some easy search results, their is clearly no effort to attract collect or syndicate posture reviews from residents and their families.

Whenever ANYONE finds Isabella Geriatric Center online they one thing they are looking for is a series of honest detailed reviews about what this facility i like and the quality care that they have received. Without it, this senior housing looks was average as the rest of the nursing homes in Washington Heights.

The truth is that the lack of reviews and marketing online is very common for nursing homes or for other businesses. Very little effort has been applied int eh right places to market the nursing home online, so there are fewer calls and fewer residents.

While many “experts” claim to know how to use things like search engines, social media and other forms of online marketing, the efforts here clearly have been misdirected.

For every nursing home, assisted living facility in Washington Heights and New York City, there is a fixed cost to put a resident in each and every bed in these facilities. The senior housing center that takes this cost seriously and invests in their marketing will fill their beds and lead this industry, not just in Washington Heights but also the Bronx and Manhattan.

It has been years since this video was posted.
Not much has changed, It is still wide open for any nursing home that wants to fill their facility.

Tim McGarvey


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