Social Media Services Reviews Ponsonby

Social Media Services Reviews Ponsonby

Social Media Services Reviews Ponsonby

Hi Everyone. My Cell Phone Repair course is now live! You can preview whats in the course here If you have any questions, DM me on instagram or comment below. I look forward to helping everyone out!
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Tools and Equipment I use:
For Samsung freezer for glass separation on Amazon
Cell phone repair screwdriver tool kit with different tips needed
Exact Heat Gun I use with Temp control knob to open phones
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Hi Everyone! My name is Richard. I am the owner of San Diego Cell Phone Repair. I stayed up late last night making this video to help anyone out that is interested in repairing phones for income. Even if you are not in phone repair, you still can take ideas from this video to help whatever you want to get into. Since I regularly post video ads on Facebook and Instagram, its very easy for me to talk about it. One tip that has changed in my belief is that you have to grab someones attention at first glance. The old 5 second rule is just way too long in today’s social world of advertising. You are in direct competition with people in other fields or other types of businesses. You are in the attention grabbing space! Comment below for any questions you may have.


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