Social Media Services Reviews Ponsonby

Social Media Services Reviews Ponsonby

Social Media Services Reviews Ponsonby

Have you heard about the new burger spot in Broad Ripple? BurgerFuel has opened up their first US location right here in Indianapolis. We’ll find out why they chose Indy and learn more about BurgerFuel. Plus, this weekend, Indy PopCon is coming back to the Indianapolis Convention Center! We have Jake Waddell in our studio to talk about this year’s convention and what we can expect this year!

First up on this show is Alexis Lam, the Marketing Manager at BurgerFuel. BurgerFuel is a restaurant based out of New Zealand and has jumped into the US market with their first location right here in Indianapolis in May. Alexis is here in the states for a few weeks and we were able to catch him before he takes the 12-hour flight back to the New Zealand.

BurgerFuel opened their first restaurant back in 1995 in Auckland, New Zealand. They have their sights set on more locations in the US, but those are kept secret for now.

Check out this fun interview with Alexis and learn more about their store in this show!

To learn more about BurgerFuel and their story, please visit their website:

Jake Waddell, the Assistant Event Coordinator of Indy PopCon, joins the show to talk about the upcoming Indy PopCon show at the Indianapolis Convention Center. The convention is held this weekend (July 7 to 9) with different events each day.

Some of this years featured guests include Greg Grunberg (Alias, Star Wars, Star Trek, Heroes), Matt Ryan (Constantine, Assassin’s Creed), Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Uncharted), and Johnny Yong Bosch (Power Rangers, Bleach).

Also new this year is the podcast awards. Every year they’ve had a podcast stage for local podcasters to come and record a show at the conference but this year they are hosting an awards show.

You can still get tickets for the event. For ticket information and to learn more about Indy PopCon, please visit their website:


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