Social Media Services Reviews Newton

Social Media Services Reviews Newton

Social Media Services Reviews Newton

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We all want to sell more books, and in this episode, Dave Chesson from Kindlepreneur gives some actionable tips on how to use keywords for better book marketing.

Dave Chesson writes books under multiple pen names and is best known in the Indie author community for creating KDP Rocket and also for his useful blog and podcast at

The deeply personal reason Dave created Kindlepreneur
The differences between finding keywords for fiction and non-fiction
Steps to take to find words your potential audience will be searching for on Amazon
The four content areas of fiction to look at to find keywords
The difference between broad and specific keywords.
How to breathe life back into a book that hasn’t been selling
Dave’s thoughts on format (ebook, audiobook etc.) and keywords
Using your 7 keywords to create a list of thousands for AMS ads.
Ideas for blog content that will draw in readers and other writers in your genre

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You can find Dave Chesson at and on Twitter @DaveChesson

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