Social Media Services Reviews Newmarket

Social Media Services Reviews Newmarket

Social Media Services Reviews Newmarket

As an electrical or general contractor, your job is already tough enough. You can’t afford to spend too much time to source the most accurate, complete, and competitive lighting and controls packages. GoodMart has streamlined the entire lighting and controls system quotation process so you can more efficiently turn pricing around to your customers and win more jobs.

The GoodMart quotation process begins after receiving fixture counts from a contractor or after we conduct a take off from the lighting and electrical plans, which enables us accurately to count the number and types of light fixtures and controls that are specified on a project.

Armed with the fixture schedule and counts of each required item, GoodMart submits pricing requests to the manufacturers’ representatives, including other job specifics, such as job name, address, and specifier name. GoodMart follows up to ensure pricing is returned on time.

Upon receipt of pricing from the lighting fixture and controls manufacturers’ representatives, we double-check for accuracy and add any light bulbs or other accessories that may be required on the job. All of the light fixtures, lighting controls, light bulbs and other accessories’ costs are then typed into our quotation form and submitted for customer review. The quotation form lists all pertinent information for each included item, such as item type, model number, brand name and of course quantity. The entire process is quick, straight-forward, and the quotation format is clear and easy-to-understand.

And in this video, Max Hoover, Manager of GoodMart, explains how the quotation process works in detail. Visit


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