Social Media Services Reviews Grafton

Social Media Services Reviews Grafton

Social Media Services Reviews Grafton

Do you need to be inspired to save money or know someone who does? Check out this brief podcast that will encourage anyone to start saving money today!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow the Money Weekly Radio!

PODCAST: The Profit Principle: The Key to Start Saving Money Today!
HOST: Jerry Robinson (Economist/Author)
SHOW DATE: 2/9/2017

In this week’s broadcast, Jerry Robinson reveals the financial principle that radically redefined his approach to saving money, and ultimately changed his life. You will be inspired to start saving money today! Also, precious metals expert Tom Cloud joins Jerry with the latest news in gold and silver.


Segment 1: In all labor, there is profit…
Segment begins at 01:10

In this segment, Jerry shares the financial woes that he experienced prior to discovering how to properly utilize and maximize profit.

Highlights include:

– Why you need to save money now
– What is the profit rate from your labor?
– And, perhaps more importantly, where is your profit now?
– The age of voluntary financial slavery
– How to wisely manage your profit
– Be sure to tune in next week for a further discussion of this important topic!

Begin a Systematic Savings Plan…


Segment 2: Precious Metals Market Update (with Tom Cloud)
Segment begins at 23:10

Jerry and veteran precious metals advisor Tom Cloud analyze recent price movements in precious metals, and the economic variables that may impact prices in the near term. Topics include:

– The brewing (inevitable?) conflict between the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve
– The sizable increase in the U.S. deficit expected in President Trump’s 1st year
– Should you continue holding bonds?
– Winds of change… The Netherlands and France
– Easing financial regulations and gold prices

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