Digital Marketing Reviews One Tree Hill

Digital Marketing Reviews One Tree Hill

Digital Marketing Reviews One Tree Hill

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This video reveals the “hidden” information about the iPas System.

For example, All the real costs are being explained and what you get exactly per membership level you’re in.

The iPas2 system is a branded Marketing Funnel created by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell. These two have launched very successful Internet Products in the past and did it again. Only this time they have decided to join forces with the Empower Network and the Prosperity Team. Thank god I’m in the prosperity team.

You can see it like this: The Empower Network with its digital product suite is the “vehicle”. The iPas system is both “the engine and fuel” to go forward, and the Prosperity Team is the “glue” that holds everything together.

The Prosperity Team is where the leadership, the training, resources and tools are. This team rocks by the way!

So these 3 elements (EN, iPas and the Prosperity Team) cannot operate without each other. In other words, you need to be a Prosperity Team member to have access to the iPas marketing system. You need to be an Empower Network member, signed up through me, to become a Prosperity Team member.

It’s a revolutionary system that combines traditional marketing with futuristic marketing. You have both worlds. This is the success formula as a lot of people can not understand the modern digital marketing techniques and on the other hand a lot of people can not want to do traditional marketing anymore… I hope that makes sense to you. In the video I explain it.

iPas2 is changing lives. It’s pretty much an Unfair Marketing Advantage that you have over others in the industry. It allows people from all types of backgrounds to step in the Internet Marketing space and succeed with the systems available through the 3 elements I mentioned above. It can be both a high- and low ticket item depending on your budget. That is why you need to watch my video to understand what I mean here.

The iPas2 system has been invented to make marketing easy and accessible to lots of people and it’s designed to duplicate. And in this industry we all know that duplication is KEY to success.

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