Digital Marketing Reviews Newton

Digital Marketing Reviews Newton

Digital Marketing Reviews Newton

Gareth Sharp, of Sharp Resources, gives a glowing review of Colleague recruitment software.

Recrutiment software review:

Tell us more about your recruitment consultancy?

My name is Gareth Sharp, I’ve been in recruitment now for thirteen years. I guess twelve and a half of those years were working in the IT recruitment industry and then six months ago I set up this business, which is Sharp Resources, which is a recruitment to recruitment business specialising in recruiting IT and digital recruiters into the recruitment industry.

Why did you choose Colleague Software?

I’ve been lucky enough to have used Colleague for most of my recruitment career. The first company I worked for, I was there for six or seven years, and used Colleague not just as a candidate and client management tool but an aid to my new business. I then went onto various other companies, specifically one company I actually did a beauty parade and implemented Colleague, as the existing system, I felt, wasn’t up to the job.

How has Colleague Software helped your business?
Everything I do in my business, whether it is headhunting a candidate, opening a new client, managing the recruitment process — is done through Colleague. It is a fantastic piece of kit that is not only easy to use and navigate around but is exceptionally effective at increasing my sales and increasing the quality of the work I do.

How have you found Colleague’s support services?

Colleague’s support services are second to none. Obviously as a small business I rely on the reactiveness of my suppliers and if I have any issues with Colleague — which is very rare — they are fixed within the day in very efficient and professional manner. Out of all my suppliers Colleague is by far the best in terms of the support they give me.

Would you recommend Colleague Software to other recruitment consultancies?

Not only would I recommend Colleague I do actively recommend Colleague and have done throughout my career. As I said I implemented Colleague in the Adecco Group and the people that worked for the business that I set up there have gone on and used Colleague in their future careers. Part of my business is ringing recruitment businesses and one of the key questions that I ask is what CRM recruitment software do they operate and I will always say, “Have you heard of Colleague?”, because for me there is no competition — it is the best.

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