Digital Marketing Reviews Mechanics Bay

Digital Marketing Reviews Mechanics Bay

Digital Marketing Reviews Mechanics Bay

High school Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are expanding to provide students with more work-based learning programs that offer future employment and the opportunity to obtain college credit. Youth Apprenticeship is a “golden” work-based learning strategy that offers students an array of benefits including on-the-job training, related CTE classroom instruction, a paycheck and in many programs, dual enrollment in college. Apprenticeships are offered in in-demand industries including healthcare, IT, transportation, advanced manufacturing and construction. This program is very different from unpaid internships. There is increasing demand from employers to work with high school students on apprenticeships, and the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) is investing funds to strengthen alignment between CTE programs and Registered Apprenticeship to ensure that a younger demographic has access to this opportunity.

In this webinar will provide an overview of Registered Apprenticeship programs and discuss its recent efforts to strengthen alignment between Registered Apprenticeship and CTE programs for high school students. This presentation will also feature employers and other experts from the Youth Apprenticeship world who will discuss how to successfully build and maintain Youth Apprenticeship programs for high school students.

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