Digital Marketing Reviews Greenlane

Digital Marketing Reviews Greenlane

Digital Marketing Reviews Greenlane

Go beyond SEO tactics. Improve your SEO with clear strategies using advice from industry veteran Bill Sebald. He explains why different industries have different SEO signals, how to learn from your competitors, and more on this week’s podcast.

SEO is dead.

That’s what Bill Sebald has read a million times in his 20 years of SEO experience. He knows better. SEO is alive and well and as competitive as ever. As founder of Greenlane Marketing and as a professor teaching SEO, Bill shares his insights on how to execute the best SEO strategy. On the episode, he explains how to move from SEO tactic to strategy, why SEO is different for different industries and why competitors’ SEO techniques are valuable.


Where do your SEO tactics end and where does your SEO strategy start?

Not sure? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

“A lot of people struggle with switching from tactics to strategy because it’s not what we’re used to,” Bill explains.

Tactics are a means to an end, such as writing guest posts or adding alt-tags. But, they cannot answer the question of your overall SEO goal. A strategy outlines what the goals are and the plan to achieve them. It requires stepping back from the noise and doing the homework to develop a real SEO strategy.


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