Digital Marketing Reviews Grafton

Digital Marketing Reviews Grafton

Digital Marketing Reviews Grafton

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Do you watch business shows like The Profit and Billion Dollar Buyer? Do you ever think about the digital marketing of those businesses you see on TV? Well, we do, and that’s why we created the Business Breakdown.

From showing up on Google search to Google My Business profile to website design / user experience to social media, we break down Corey’s NYC Bagel Deli, which was recently featured on CNBC’s The Profit starring Marcus Lemonis.

We do this with the utmost respect to both Marcus and Corey. It’s important to look at how other small businesses build and manage their digital presence, so you can learn from their successes and failures to improve your own digital marketing. In this segment, we are candid and honest with our feedback because it’s the only way a small business owner like you can learn. If you agree or disagree, please comment below – we welcome your feedback.

00:45 Today we’re looking at one of the newest, latest episodes from The Profit starring Marcus Lemonis. The Profit is a show that’s on CNBC and just a disclaimer, we are not affiliated with CNBC nor Marcus Lemonis nor The Profit. We are strictly marketing guys and where we work with a lot of small businesses and what we wanted to do was take our expertise and take a look at the business that Marcus invested in.

01:12 So the business was formerly known as NYC Bagel Deli. It has several locations around the Chicago area and NYC Bagel Deli was owned by Corey Kaplan. No relation. He starts his name, the last name with a “K”, but he started in Florida, moved up, had a chance to buy out another Bagel business in Chicago and then built a rather successful Bagel business and the margins as he even. Unbelievable! I think he said it was like 10ยข to make it and you’re selling a $1.20. That’s absolutely insane. Those margins and margins for those of you that are watching that are just learning, that’s profit, right? So it costs them ten cents. He sells it for $1.20. That means every Bagel he sells, he makes a $1.10. Pretty insane!

02:44 So Marcus works with Corey and he explores the different businesses he actually decides instead of Cory having to create all of the dough and make the bagels in one shop and drive them over to another, Marcus invests $200,000 into the business for 20 percent. And then he did the commissary for $2 million for the build out of a commissary, a centralized location, a central kitchen where they can create, manufacture all the bagels and then distribute them to all the stores and also do wholesale. So he’s all in for $2.2 million! It was a big investment. So this is a huge investment. We would expect that with a huge investment, Marcus is going to make sure that everything is top notch, right?

10:00 So what we’re seeing here is there’s branding inconsistency. Which actually is funny you say that because I remember on this show, Marcus was saying one of the big things he didn’t like about the business was that inconsistency of the brand. And you’d think like, one of the first things he would do when you know, adding some money in is actually working on that consistency and he didn’t, at least not yet. But, but okay. Listen, all due respect to Marcus Lemonis. I think he’s an amazing guy. I watched the show. I learned a lot from what he does. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. And he’s, he’s a self made success. But I will say this, the show was filmed months ago, many moons ago, and so it aired just recently, just within a few weeks there should have been those changes. So whether it’s Marcus Lemonis Marketing or one of his marketing companies, or if it’s a third party, they should be on this stuff. Or Marcus limonus should work with us just saying. (Shameless plug for

11:03 But let’s look at the Google My Business profile a little bit. So you even pointed out they have 4.1 stars 169 google reviews. Now Google reviews can be left by anyone with a Google account. What we’ve seen and what I’ve seen and we’re going to see as we do more business breakdowns… But if Marcus has had a bad experience with a restaurant or a business, you’ll see negative reviews because everybody is a fan boy and all of a sudden they’re standing up for Marcus’s honor, so they’re going to actually leave negative reviews. I’ve even read somewhere that says like, “How could you do that to Marcus?” And that actually violates Google’s terms of service when it comes to reviews. So if a business owner really wanted to, they could have those flagged and removed by Google because they’re not a real customer. But needless to say, reputation looks good. 169 reviews. Not Bad. I think they could proactively grab a lot more…

Overall Business Breakdown Score: 4/10

Google Search & Google My Business: 4.5/10
Website Design & Experience: 3.5/10
Facebook Business Page: 3/10


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