Digital Marketing Reviews Grafton

Digital Marketing Reviews Grafton

Digital Marketing Reviews Grafton

Thanks so much for joining the launch team for my book Mid-life Career Rescue.

It’s a project dear to my heart. As a psychologist, counsellor and life coach I’ve seen how soul destroying being out of work or unhappy at work can be. Many of my clients have experienced low self-esteem, derision, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, and ill health. In fact, when I first started career counselling my client was suicidal.

And I’ve been there myself. I’ve worked in an organisation that was so toxic and been in a job that was such a values conflict I developed shingles. I even had a boss who yelled at me and told me he would bash my head in – but because he earned lots of money for the company no one told him to pull his head in. Talk about stressful.

For a long while I felt trapped and hopeless, I was a single mum, with a mortgage and I needed the money, but with help I found my career nirvana and I’m passionate about helping others find theirs too.

So you’re going to be on the rescue team – helping spread the message of this book that a life of joy, passion, fulfilment and prosperity is possible in mid-life and beyond…earlier too!

It’s never to late to live in the passion zone – and in this book Mid-life Career Rescue, I’ll show people how.


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