Digital Marketing Reviews Epsom

Digital Marketing Reviews Epsom

Digital Marketing Reviews Epsom

How to Use Cutter Plotter Vinyl Contour Cutting

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Cutter plotter 48″ –
Cutter plotter24″ –

Step-by-Step tutorial on contour cutting of your designs using I-transfer Cutter Plotter.

📌 Automatic and easy
📌 New Adopted Arm Processor
📌 USB 2.0 interface
📌 1GB extensive memory
📌 Faster speed, lesser noise
📌 Humane design
📌 Higher accuracy
📌Automatic memory of blade force and speed, adjustable at any time and is easy to use.
📌 Emergency stop
📌 Offline copy function
📌 Unique red cutting slot making it easier to operate.

-Cutter Plotter
-Cutting Plotter
-digital printing

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