Digital Marketing Reviews Epsom

Digital Marketing Reviews Epsom

Digital Marketing Reviews Epsom

10 Surfaces/things/materials you can print with the Compress UV Flatbed printers.
1. Ceramic & Stones
2. Metals (including gold & silver)
3. Leather (Natural or synthetic, Print on suede leather also)
4. Acrylic
5. Glass
6. Carton & Paper
7. Plastics
8. Wood
9. Canvas
10. and Much more

What materials can you print with UV printer?
This video answers the question, and it is to open your eyes on different kinds of materials you could print on using the Compress UV LED Flatbed Printing Machines to expand your business.

It almost prints on anything, these UV LED printers are versatile, multi-purpose printers! Used for many applications. Specially with the embossed 3d effects.

Note that printing customized ashtrays are only one of the unlimited ideas of UV printing. This machine is considered to be the best uv flatbed printer because of its printing height; it can print up-to 300mm (12″) height. Printable bed size up to of 750mm x 1150mm.

It is good for you to Compare Mimaki UV printer , Roland UV printer or Mutoh UV printer with compress iUV600 / iUV 1200s printer

Check-our this video to see printing on perfume bottles which includes UV LED Ink durability test printed on glass.

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